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Reusable Exhibition Stand

Does your company frequently exhibit? Are you feeling the pressure to cut back on important exhibit projects due the economic crunch? ExhiBest is your answer. The ExhiBest system we are offering is used in more than 30 countries and tried and tested for nearly eight years.

ExhiBest is a reusable alternative because of the presence of T3 components. The T3 Airframe is an elegant and simple system based around a connector and interlocking tube.   This makes it quick and easy to work with; making ExhiBest the complete ‘Exhibition stand solution in a box’.

What makes ExhiBest a more attractive option? It is the tempting fact that depending on the reconfigurations, up to 90% of it can be retained or reused. So there is less wastage making it a greener option than custom stands. For companies insisting on green initiatives, ExhiBest becomes the best choice.

Multiple use of ExhiBest is possible because of strong polycarbonate extrusions and fixtures. Thus even after numerous installs and dismantles in different designs, the modules stay sturdy for next use. The T3 components are very versatile and sturdy enough to hold up plasma screens and other heavy display materials.

The reusability of ExhiBest is enhanced by the fact that each use does not require additional costs. This is a tempting fact for exhibitors looking to reduce their exhibition project budget during this time of economic crunch. Their investment is safe and the returns can be reaped year after year, with a high quality exhibition stand at their disposal for every exhibition they attend.

So why should you opt for a single-use custom stand when there is ExhiBest?

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