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Installation Services

One of the main hassles of a custom designed stand is the difficulty in installing it. Lots of skilled labour and money are required to construct a stand before a high pressure deadline. Heavy equipments, AV lighting, etc makes the stand installation very complex. This is where ExhiBest scores over custom stands.

When it comes to installation, there is no other modular system as easy to install as ExhiBest. First of all, it is easy to ship and transport to the expo site.  It has only small pieces of aluminium extrusions and the graphic panels used are very light, making it very lightweight. And secondly it can be installed without any professional labour as the assembling requires no tools. There is absolutely no welding or carpentry in fabrication and minimum cutting and bending tools are used. Add to the fact that ExhiBest is used in more than 30 countries and is a tried and tested system for almost eight years.

The presence of T3 Airframe in ExhiBest means that it can be reconfigured in any number of designs, so that you have a newly designed ‘bespoke’ stand at every expo you attend. Besides, use of ExhiBest significantly reduces cost of set-up at the expo site when compared with the custom stands.

We at ExhiBest will take care of installation services so you just have to show up at the site. In the tense moments of setting up an exhibition you don’t need to worry about the installation. With the ExhiBest kit in hand, we can set up a stand quickly with less than 10 people on site.

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