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Storage & Logistics

Reusable Stand options like ExhiBest requires proper storage and warehousing till the next use. In ExhiBest’s case storage is trouble-free since it has panels which are light and flexible. What’s more the modules come in neat and compact boxes which are easy to transport. So air shipment is more budget friendly. Hence logistically, ExhiBest is a dream, an easy to ship and assemble solution.

If the client demands, we can safely store exhibition modules in a warehouse facility. At ExhiBest we provide clients the option to securely store and maintain the modules till the next use. We have the state-of-the art warehousing and secure logistics to ensure that your reusable exhibition stand does not get damaged in between exhibitions. After each exhibition the stand is thoroughly checked before it is shipped to the next site.

In addition to being light and flexible, the ExhiBest modules take up very little space in the warehouse when compared to heavy custom stand equipments. Our storage facility is free for certain locations and we charge only a nominal amount for transport. When compared to the transport parts of a custom designed stand, ExhiBest is cost-friendly

Thus ExhiBest offers peace of mind both in terms of installation and maintenance after the trade show. If an exhibitor chooses ExhiBest, then he/she does not have to worry about anything from the start to post show.

ExhiBest is the award winning combination of European expertise and ingenious technology. It is used in more than 30 countries and has been tried and tested for more than 8 years. ExhiBest is a division of instoreMasters, who is a premier solution provider for the BTL industry since 1992.

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