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In Trade shows and exhibitions you get only three seconds to impress the visitor, to convey what your product/service is. If the exhibit does not catch the attention of the visitor during this short time then you exhibit project will be less successful. But what to do when you are not ready to spend a fortune on designing and constructing a custom stand? This is where ExhiBest comes to your rescue.

ExhiBest utilizes the stylish possibilities of modular exhibition stands and European expertise to create attractive ‘bespoke’ stands. Where a custom stand budget is large, ExhiBest gives you an attractive stand in a fraction of the same amount. It has several easy to follow design templates which are very cost-effective.

Another design advantage of ExhiBest is that each time it can be remodeled according to different specifications in the shows. This remodeling of design is possible due to the great flexibility of the extrusion engineered, low-cost graphic paneling and the ExhiBest system in general. The system used in ExhiBest is used in more than 30 countries and tried and tested from nearly eight years.

ExhiBest designs can be executed very quickly with the minimum labour and tools. Almost 90% of ExhiBest can be reused or retained depending on the configurations. This is good news for companies looking to have eco-friendly exhibition projects.

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