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Cushion Timing

Planning any economic or business project is always a difficult task because of the time considerations. We will have to balance the quality of work with the time allotted for the completion of the work. And for this we require a schedule that well explains each step and the estimated time for completing the project. The concept of “cushion time” is an essential part of project planning. ›› more

If you don't prioritize, you are 'busy'

Time is our most precious resource.

You might complain at times saying that you don’t have enough time to complete even the important things in life that concerns you. We all have 24 hours, like everyone else in this world. If all of us have 24 hours in life then why some people make these very 24 hours feel like 48 and some of us find it too short to complete even the important works? >> more

Your desire for Middle East, watch this info graphics of key statistics & trends.

Have a look at the following info graphic for the latest statistics and trends of social media growth in Middle East. 88% of the Middle East online population uses social networking sites daily. English and Arabic are the most commonly used languages on social media platforms used by 48% and 45% of social media users... >> more

Tough crisis to kill; Guess nearly 6000 trucks & 28 km long queue to a snail boarder customs.

Interestingly it’s a true story to read...; for your cross-border projects... Given the nature of a stubborn deadline for events, tell us how you would have solved this.

This is indeed a crisis! And the worst part of it is that this particular truck queues are not expected to end soon. It is seen that the talks... >> more

How to get the most from your exhibitions?

Exhibitions are a form of human exchange, whereby the promoters and exhibitors communicate with the visitors. For all businesses, focus on incoming revenue is always a high priority. One effective way to put yourself in front of the people interested in your products is by exhibiting at trade shows

Almost 75% of the visitors attending trade shows and exhibitions ... >> more