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For more than 20 years, we instoreMasters worldwide have been providing clients with innovative and up-to-date custom solutions for Exhibition stands all over the MENA (Middle East North Africa) region. ExhiBest was born out of demands from our regular clients to provide a more cost-friendly option for their exhibition projects. It’s a new dynamic for exhibitions, a unique solution that is designed to save exhibitors a significant amount of money, effort and time, True to our motto, which is, don’t cut down on your exhibitions, cut down on your spending.

We, instoreMasters Worldwide, are one of the premier solution providers for the BTL (Below-the-Line) industry. We are the online marketing arm of Grafiks International, a manufacturer and full-service consultant with a track record of 20 years in design, manufacture and supply of retail display solutions. Concisely, instoreMasters is a fully equipped solution provider with dedicated in-house production centers for design, manufacture and execution of BTL products.  These include exhibition stands, in-store fixtures, POP/POS and signs, marketing campaign kiosks, retail Interior decoration, specialty outdoor signage, digital signage networks, mall kiosks, and business gifts and so on.

Our long track record in this niche BTL industry helps us eliminate the trial and error phase and follow tested and efficient manufacturing practices. This makes us a strong online resource visited mainly by top professionals in the field.  Hence, we combine production experience with material expertise and knowledge of the up-to-the-minute innovation in the industry.  Thanks to this focused approach, we have been able to stand-out from the rest in the industry.