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ExhiBest Worldwide, Partner Community:

Here is how you could revolutionize your exhibition stand business.

ExhiBest is head quartered in Dubai and actively partners with exhibition stand contractors and related suppliers through a Community setting. With the advantage of a tried and tested online marketing wing of its mother company InstoreMasters, ExhiBest receives stand contracts and rental inquiries from across the globe on a regular basis. For a nominal fee (Pay Per Lead (PPL) basis) we qualify these leads through a pool of talented offshore sales consultants and pass the inquiry to a partner member once the lead is qualified for conversion.

During this lead qualification process, we gather the complete stand specification and offer them design layouts. We recover the design cost from the partner member only if the customer has accepted the design and if a conversion has happened for the partner member to build the stand. We do not impose any hidden cost or membership fees hence partner members pay only when they receive potential leads on PPL basis.

The ExhiBest community largely comprises of exhibition contractors, event organizers, shell scheme contractors, rental suppliers and visual merchandising companies.

ExhiBest Kit of modular exhibition system adds greatly to the advantage. This slide show below illustrates briefly about how this system works.


On receiving a multinational project, we check the ExhiBest community network to find the nearest available partner at the client’s location. We then hand over the project to the partner in that particular location; acknowledged as the sales partner of that particular project. The sales partner coordinates with the ExhiBest community partners at all other venues (locations) where the client’s exhibitions are scheduled and ensures the timely delivery of the project. Here's this slide-show that illustrates your role to be played.

http://www.exhibest.com/community diagram.html

With the unique global community setting, to exchange projects between peers, ExhiBest saves from major expenses by eliminating cross-country shipping of stands, air travel expenses, hotel bills and other allowances to spend on installation crew. Through our joint efforts, our community partners save cost substantially and maximize their return from all their exhibition projects.

Benefits of Becoming a Member of the ExhiBest Community:

1. Exchanging of contacts within ExhiBest community network drastically reduces the cost of the exhibition project by largely eliminating the shipping and overseas expenses.

2. We work closely with our partners to identify and share projects & opportunities within the community. This could make your contracting setup busy year round with our projects for your region.

3. ExhiBest community constantly develops the network of partners to enhance the possibilities of exchanging business between the peers, thereby your possibilities to scale-up increases.

4. No franchisee fee and no strings attached.

5. Partner Members get opportunity to share leads between the peers. This creates a bonding within the community while growing your business.

Contact us to be part of this ExhiBest Community. You can either submit the online form or send in an email to partner@exhibest.com.

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