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ExhiBest - A Synopsis :-

Thousands of exhibitions happen every year. You might have some important venues booked in advance to showcase your business system and technology. And the challenge you face would be about setting your exhibition booth within a specified time; to make it smart and elegant and the most visited stall. Haven’t you thought of cutting down the number of your exhibitions due to these confusions and complexities? But is it the number of exhibitions to be reduced, or the complexities? Taking into account the difficulties in setting up an exhibition stand, InstoreMasters has created history by inventing an exclusive solution, the ExhiBest!

What Is ExhiBest? What Is ExhiBest?

ExhiBest is a unique solution meant for exhibition stands and road show kiosks. Its core system is made up of an award winning combination of aluminium extrusions from UK and Italy to form as a structure to mount printed panels and then to a fully fledged exhibition stand. It can be easily assembled with minimum labour and man-hours. ExhiBest is very much economical compared to the standard exhibition stands because of its reusability and easy to set up technique. It drastically reduces cost for those who exhibit multiple-times a year, at different locations.

Exhibition stand designing has entered the next generation with ExhiBest

If your company participate in exhibitions frequently, a huge amount of money is to be invested for the exhibition stand regularly. It’s not easy to set up a standard exhibition stand at the venue and transport it from site to site. Through ExhiBest, you can limit your expenditure.


Buying an ExhiBest system is worthy since it is cent percent reusable. Multiple use of ExhiBest is possible because of strong polycarbonate extrusions and fixtures. So even after numerous installs and dismantles in designs, the modules stay sturdy for the next use.

ExhiBest system is now available for rent! Exhibitors can buy or hire ExhiBest system based on what is more relevant to them. We have our hiring packages for you to test out this new range of exhibition stands. If you are a small term exhibitor, you can pick our rental packages with the necessary add on that too at a fraction of the purchase price. You can mix these with selected accessories to maximise the impact. Exhibitors can buy or hire ExhiBest system based on what is more relevant to them.

Sampling is central to product promotion, which helps manufacturers and customers alike. As part of our exhibition design services we provide you a collection of free design templates. We also have some easy to follow design templates which are eco-friendly and cost-friendly. You can either opt for our pre-designed package or request for a custom design.

A great achievement by InstoreMasters Worldwide

InstoreMastersWorldwide has over 20 years of experience in the BTL industry. The history of invention of the core modular system of ExhiBest dates back to 11 years. We were constantly conducting trials to develop an amazing system that can act as the backbone of any exhibition project. We have been enhancing the ExhiBest system with useful plug-n-play elements. The consistency was proved and tested in the frequent upgrades in the UK and is the most successful and proven system ever made for the global exhibition industry.

The company has helped numerous organizations market their image through trade shows and events. Our trade show division is both a full service custom exhibit house and a manufacturer of innovative portable and modular displays, sold worldwide through distributors/partners.

ExhiBest Worldwide, Partner Community:

ExhiBest actively partners with sellers and distributors of exhibition stands throughout the world. ExhiBest and our strategic partners work continuously to ensure the success of our customers' exhibition projects. The ExhiBest community comprises of exhibition contractors, event organisers, shell scheme contractors, budding entrepreneurs and visual merchandising companies...>> Read more

Reusable Exhibition Stand

Reusable Exhibition Stand

ExhiBest is a reusable alternative because of the presence of T3 components. The T3 Airframe is an elegant and simple system based around a connector and interlocking tube.   This makes it quick and easy to work with; making ExhiBest the complete ‘Exhibition stand solution in a box’...
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Installation Services

When it comes to installation, there is no other modular system as easy to install as ExhiBest. First of all, it is easy to ship and transport to the expo site as it is lightweight. The aluminum extrusions and graphic panels are light compared to custom stands.  And secondly it can be easily installed without any professional labour as the assembling requires no tools...
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Design Consultancy

Reusable Exhibition Stand

For more than 20 years, Exhibest have been providing clients with superior design and the best manufactured exhibition stands. With ExhiBest, we have made it simpler, especially in design. It has several easy to follow design templates and can be redesigned with each use...
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Promotional Giveaways

At exhibest we know that an Exhibition project not only requires a well designed stand but also the correct accompanying marketing tools. So we provide promotional giveaways and other freebies to offer visitors and make an impact... 
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Audio-visual Rentals

Reusable Exhibition Stand

Exhibition rentals are a smart way to save money and effort during exhibitions. Exhibest has partnered with local and international suppliers to get clients the required items to the site on time. We supply LCD monitors and audio systems for clients on request...
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Exhibition Displays

Whether it is ExhiBest or a custom stand, any exhibition project requires captivating display solutions that are stylish and easy to set up. We at Exhibest have the perfect displays to enhance your stand and attract visitors...
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Storage & Logistics

Reusable Exhibition Stand

The ExhiBest modules are easy to store as the panels are light and flexible. Secondly they come in compact boxes which are easy to transport. This makes ExhiBest, a very unproblematic to ship and assemble on site. We provide secure storage and maintenance services for ExhiBest modules till the next use...
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Shell Scheme

Dress up a ready shell scheme to make a quick, low cost exhibition stand. A shell scheme is an easier option for exhibitors who don’t want a large scale custom stand.  At Exhibest we can provide shell scheme packages at any size and cost... 
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Truss Systems

Reusable Exhibition Stand

With almost 8 years of being tried and tested, ExhiBest is well-equipped to provide you strong and versatile truss systems. Our truss systems can be customized according to the type of exhibition stand project you chose, whether custom or modular...
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Exhibition Registration Services

Reusable Exhibition Stand

During Exhibitions, registration has to be done quickly and efficiently so that organization becomes easy. At Exhibest we have partnered with top exhibition registration firms who use the latest and most cost-effective methods of registration...
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